Chinese sword

In China, a sword is a kind of straight double-edged, short-handled sharp-edged weapon with a slender and pointed end. The guard is generally small, which is different from the usual type of knives (single-edged). As one of the "four weapons" in ancient China (that is, the collective name of the four cold weapons of sword, knife, stick and spear), the sword is revered as "the king of a hundred soldiers". Swords are usually held in one hand and attack by slashing and stabbing; the Bronze Age also used a combination of swords and shields; there is also a dual-sword tactic in martial arts. And the hilt has been reshaped to fit in a wider scabbard for easy portability. There have also been super long swords held in both hands in Chinese history, with a length of about 1.4 meters to 1.6 meters, and later developed into two-handed swords.